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Dr. Asif Y Shaikh

Dr. Asif Y Shaikh

M.B.B.S. M.D. Medicine

Consultant Physician


Participate in 54 conferences (including Tapicon (kodaikanal), Tancon)

  • Debate endocrinology
  • Apollo critical care
  • Rheumatology conferences
  • Medicon (Kilpauk)
  • Srmc mediclinics

Participate in Physicians conferences

Various physicians conferences, journal clubs, seminars, held at Apollo Hospital, KIMS Hospital, Chenghalpattu GH.

Expertise & Skills

  • Certified ACLS from KIMS Chenghalpattu
  • Good hand skills with central line, intubation, handling emergencies as per standard protocols, performed hundreds of resuscitations.
  • Assisted angiography, PTCA procedures at Apollo Hospital
  • Learned skill set of handling mechanical ventilator, attended workshops, practice experience of 5 years
  • 2D Echo
  • Skill set of thrombolysing patients with necessary precautions
  • Good communication skills, with patients and attenders
  • Good team leader, like to work in happy environment
  • Moto people who are working under you, keep them happy they will work with even harder for you
  • Good rapport with all senior consultants, like to keep transparency, work with ethics
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Over these three years (2017-2020), had worked with top consultants of Apollo hospitals

Associated with ICU teams over the years, work experience of covering intensive care units of hospitals.


International Journal

  • Effective Outcome of HBOT as an Adjuvant Therapy in Patients Diagnosed with COVID-19 in a Tertiary Care Hospital – A Preliminary Study
  • Hyperuricemia in diabetic patients

National Journal

  • University journal : Hypothyroidism in diabetic patients
  • Paper : Familial Protein S deficiency, APICON (KOCHI)
  • Paper : Lateral medullary syndrome, KIMS
  • Paper : Multiple myeloma, KIMS
  • Paper : APLA, KIMS

Covid 19 Pandamic work exposure

Had worked with United Health Corporation’s Medway Hospital, Chennai. Handle all covid patients and non-covid patients respectively admitted in hospitals both units needing critical care attention.

Practiced and researched various oxygen delivery methods for COVID patients, including helmet bipap, HFNC, and HBOT, for better outcomes with patients with moderate to severe ARDS.